Today: May 19 2019

WinnerTech® ultrasonic rodent repellent the latest technology to help prevent an infestation before it can begin. These devices use high-frequency sound waves to create auditory distress for rodents, without disturbing people or pets. To prevent rats from getting used to the sound, our unique systems periodically change frequencies and patterns. Plus, they are a non-toxic and non-intrusive method of pest control. To keep rodents from becoming accustomed to the sound, the WinnerTech® emits ultrasound at varying volumes and varying frequencies .

With over 100 oscillations per second, this rodent repeller sounds like a jackhammer to mice and rats. The non-repetitive volume and frequency levels cause discomfort and an unpleasant environment that discourages rodent infestations.

Reduction in rodent activity should occur within 6-10 days. You will only need to use one WinnerTech® per large size area, but please note that ultrasound does not travel through walls or furniture so please clear all surrounding objects obstructing the WinnerTech®. For ultimate rodent control, add one WinnerTech® to each room or area in which you see signs of rodent activity.

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