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Q: Does the ultrasound affect animals?

A: The WinnerTech® emits ultrasound at varying volumes (peaking at 138dB) and varying frequencies (ranging from 25 to 62 kHz) well above the range of hearing for humans and non-rodent pets like cats, dogs, birds and fish. We do not recommend using the WinnerTech® around rodent pets like hamsters, rabbits, and other rodent pets. This method is a classic animal behavior modification technique.


Q: Does the ultrasound penetrate through walls?

A: The WinnerTech® unit can only cover the zone in which it is installed. Since ultrasonic sound cannot penetrate walls, cabinets or furniture, a separate unit is required for each room for maximum effectiveness.


Q: Where should I plug the WinnerTech® in?Can I plug the WinnerTech® into an extension cord?

A:For proper placement of the WinnerTech®, first identify a room that has signs of rodent activity. Plug the WinnerTech® into the lower socket of a 220V-AC wall outlet. The ultrasonic waves cannot penetrate walls or furniture. Ultrasound is reflected by hard surfaces and absorbed by soft surfaces. In a room with mostly hard surfaces, like a kitchen, ultrasound will “bounce” around giving more effective coverage. The ideal placement would allow the ultrasound to cross in front of an entrance way. The WinnerTech® can be plugged into an extension cord as long as it is placed in an open area along the wall and not near walls or furniture.


Q:Will The Rodents Eventually Adapt to the Sound?

A:Perhaps to a simple and repetitive sound. But the non-repeating, layered piercing wave of the WinnerTech® units prevents rodents from discerning any type of pattern or single tone within the complex piercing noise, making it impossible for them to aurally adapt to the unit over time.


Q:Will the unit interfere with Electronics in the House?

A:No. Ultrasonic units, which plug directly into the wall outlet, do not interfere with television, radio, cable, telephone, cell phone, wireless or any other electronic signals.


Q: How do I know the unit is on?

A: When powered up, the red LED light will be visible indicating that the unit is broadcasting the high frequency ranges needed to repel pests.


Q: What is the range of operating temperature? I am planning to install it in the attic and it could get very hot in the middle of the day. Does high temp affect the effectiveness?

Our WinnerTech® works in a wide range of temperatures, from -5°F to 150°F.


Q: Does ultrasound affect insects?

A: Some insect species can produce or perceive sound in ultrasonic frequencies and are affected by high-frequency sound. That is not to say that it can effectively repel them or control them.

There has been little true scientific research to determine if ultrasonic sound generators could produce effective insect control results. You may find that some insects seem to respond to ultrasound while others are oblivious to it.

We believe that it is improper for any company to make specific insect claims unless backed by validated scientific studies.


Q: What about "electromagnetic" pest repellers that claim to repel pests behind walls?

A: These devices claim to somehow alter the electromagnetic output of common house wiring to turn your whole house into a giant pest repeller and drive all species of pests out of the walls of your home.

In fact, there is scant credible scientific research to suggest that electromagnetic fields have any repellent affect on any living creature, much less specific pest species (mice, insects, etc.).

The EPA and U.S. Postal Service took action to remove all "electromagnetic" (not ultrasonic) pest control devices from the market in 1980 when a flood of them entered the market. Additionally, Health Canada has banned the sale of electromagnetic pest repellers in Canada. And finally, there are serious questions as to the advisability of increasing one's exposure to electromagnetic energy.

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