Today: May 19 2019

1_ Invention of an ionizer system

The air suction ionizer system, compatible with injector engines. Patent number: 54768.

2_Invention of an ultrasonic device

The repellent ultrasonic device for harmful animals. Patent number: 79958.

Investigational cooperation contract with Iran Pasteur Institute, analyzing the effects of ultrasonic waves on rodents.

3_Invention of an electro-mechanic intelligent trap

The electro-mechanic intelligent trap for rodents. Patent number: 84788.

Scientific confirmation by Noushirvani Industrial University.

4_Invention of a blind spot assist system for vehicles.

Patent number: 54764.

5_Invention of a mobile telecontrol system.

Patent number: 54124.

6_Invention of an intelligent robot

The intelligent robot for eliminating harmful city rodents. Patent number: 82563

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